Google Spreadsheets API


  • View and update Google Spreadsheets content


For more information, see Developer's Guide: Python

import spreadsheetExample user = raw_input('\nUser: ') psw = raw_input('\nPassword: ') ss = spreadsheetExample.SimpleCRUD(user,psw) ss._PromptForSpreadsheet() print "spreadsheet key: " + ss.curr_key ss._PromptForWorksheet() print "worksheet id: " + ss.curr_wksht_id input = raw_input('cells or list? ') if input == 'cells': ss._PromptForCellsAction() elif input == 'list': ss._PromptForListAction()

import spreadsheetExample ss = spreadsheetExample.SimpleCRUD("user","password") ss.curr_key = "spreadsheet key" ss.curr_wksht_id = "worksheet id" # dump values ss._ListGetAction() #insert new row ss._ListInsertAction("x=5 y=15")

Code Explained allows you to interact with your spreadsheet and obtain the spreadsheet key and id. uses the information to view and edit the spreadsheet automatically. Do modify the second script with your user, password, key and id before running the script.

Scan the script to your smartphone using the Test EMANT380 app or download to PC/Emulator