Send and Receive SMS


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Send SMS

import android droid = android.Android() number = droid.dialogGetInput('Send SMS', 'Phone Number?').result message = 'Test SMS' result = droid.smsSend(number, message)

Code Explained

number = droid.dialogGetInput('Send SMS', 'Phone Number?').result

Get the phone number you want to send the SMS to. When you start 2 instances of the emulator, you can send SMS from one to the other using the port number as the phone number.

result = droid.smsSend(number, message)

Send the SMS

Receive SMS

import android droid = android.Android() SMSmsgs = droid.smsGetMessages(False, 'inbox').result for message in SMSmsgs: print 'From: '+message['address']+' > '+message['body']+'\n'

Code Explained

SMSmsgs = droid.smsGetMessages(False, 'inbox').result

Note that all the messages in the inbox are read.

More methods like delete SMS can be found in the SmsFacade documentation.

Scan the script to your smartphone using the Test EMANT380 app or download to PC/Emulator