Python on Android Emulator/Windows with EMANT380

EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ

The EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ is a voltmeter, oscilloscope, function generator, counter, current source and digital IO all in one device. Connections to the external electrical signals are through the DB25 connector with the pin out given below. Through Bluetooth, PCs and the Android smartphones can replicate these instruments. By appropriate circuit connections, ammeter and ohm meter functions can also be realised. Please read the EMANT380 specification for more information

EMANT380 Bluetooth Wireless DAQ

EMANT380 USB DAQ module male DB25 pin out


volt, binval = m.ReadAnalog(emant.Emant300.AIN0,emant.Emant300.COM)

Measure the analog voltage across AIN0 (DB25 Pin 11) and COM (DB25 Pin 5). Emant300.AIN.AIN0 and Emant300.AIN.COM are the respective enumeration. The result is returned as a tuple voltage, 24 bit binary result

Current Source


The EMANT380 has an 8 bit current DAC (digital to analog converter). As the DAC has 8 bits resolution, we can drive the resistance from 0 to 1mA in 255 steps with increments of about 39uA. The parameter 0.1 (variable is double data type) sets the current output to 0.1 mA. Value must be between 0 to 1 mA. Connection is IDAC (DB25 Pin 1) and AGND (DB25 Pin 2)

Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit and Example Programs

The following instructions are only for Windows XP, Vista, 7. Before proceeding, you must have installed the following

  1. Python 2.6
  2. PyBluez-0.19-py2.6
If not, please go back to the installation page, section III.

Download the Python Driver and example programs for the EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ only if you are using the Android emulator running on Windows. When using the emulator/ Windows environment, the mac address of the Bluetooth module must be specified.


  • Please edit programs using the IDLE IDE (when using the emulator) as any errors reported will help in troubleshooting problems.
  • The examples are written for the Light Application Adaptor which is part of the Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit.
  • Bluetooth Starter Kit
  • Before running the examples you must:
    • Modify the mac address for your EMANT380 module
    • Pair the EMANT380 to the computer (if using emulator) or smartphone

Python with EMANT380 examples:

Although the Android emulator does not support bluetooth, due to the way python is emulated, all UI and python services uses the emulator whereas the bluetooth commands are executed via the Windows environment. For the end user, this means you can use IDLE IDE to write your program, test it and when you are satisfied, push the program to the Android phone to run natively. It also allows workshops to be run with just PCs and the emulator. For more information, read Android Python and RemoteControl.