Python and DAQ on Windows & Android Smartphone Tutorials

The objective of this tutorial is to provide you with Android Python programming skills to get started on novel solutions to real world problems using the Android smartphone and DAQ

This tutorial is intended for one who

  • knows basic electronics
  • knows basic python programming (on Microsoft Windows). If you do not meet the prerequisite, you can first complete the Google's Python Class
  • has used an Android smartphone

The steps to complete this tutorial are

  1. Installation of the Android SDK, Python on Android and Python on Windows (one time only)
  2. Solve a problem using Android Python DAQ by combining examples from
    • Android python programming
    • DAQ Python programming using the Android Smartphone or the Android Emulator/Windows

Equipment used in the tutorial

  1. Notebook with Bluetooth
  2. Bluetooth DAQ Starter Kit
  3. Other application adaptor for the Bluetooth DAQ (depending on the measurement)
  4. Android smartphone (recommended - as some Android features are not available on the emulator)